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Lightning Flows, now have powers of Triggers

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Hey #AwesomeAdmins, in new Summer 20 release Lightning Flows are becoming super powerful with the addition of Triggers. Currently, these are supporting After and Before type of triggers. But it will save a lot of time from building Triggers through Apex and will give more power to Admins! Most importantly, the org's which have professional edition (doesn't support Apex) can now add triggers through Flows.

The Awesome Start Element having options to setup Trigger

Flow runs for Before the record is saved and After the record is saved. Currently, the Flow Triggers whenever,

  • A record is created,

  • A record is updated,

  • A record is created or updated.

This is an amazing addition to the powers of Flows. I'll be sharing more posts about this very soon.

Here is the link: for the pre-release org!

Thanks for your time!

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