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Practice Salesforce With Avengers - Part 1

Hi Ohana, this blog is all about some amazing scenarios about Formula Fields, Validation Rules, and Salesforce Automation. Help Avengers to setup there requirements and learn with Avengers!!

Let's say there is a picklist field "Infinity Stones" with values ["Mind Stone", "Power Stone", "Reality Stone", "Soul Stone", "Space Stone", "Time Stone"] arranged in same order i.e. Mind Stone on top and Time Stone at last.

Users should not be able to skip any value skip any Infinity Stone value while moving from Time to Mind Stone.

[Note: If the user selects "Time Stone" then the user should not be able to select any other value except "Space Stone" in the second attempt.]

Let's say there are three checkboxes (The Avengers)

1. Iron Man

2. Thor

3. Captain America

and there are 3 more checkboxes (Assistant Avengers)

1. Black Widow

2. Hawkeye

3. Hulk

and one picklist field "Weapon"

1. Iron Man Suit - MK42

2. Mjölnir

3. Shield

To check the assistant avenger checkboxes ["Black Widow", "Hawkeye", "Hulk"], the user needs to select all the other avenger checkboxes,["Iron Man", "Thor", "Captain America"]. Here is one more twist, "Captain America" can only be checked if the "Weapon" (Picklist field) value is "Shield".

-> Users should be able to create/ save records only if the above criteria met.

Let's say there is an Opportunity by the name "Kill Thanos", whose owner is Thor (User), but because of Infinity Gauntlet Thor loses the chance to kill Thanos. But somehow Iron Man finds the way to destroy Thanos.

Now our #AwesomeAdmin Nick Fury (Sales Head), decides to make Iron Man owner of "Kill Thanos" and also to notify Thor that Opportunity has been transferred to Iron Man.

So by using Admin tools help Nick Fury to build a system in which, whenever opportunity changes Old Owner should be notified.

[Note: No Triggers]

Nick Fury (Chief of Staffs) calls Natasha (HR Manager) to start the Avengers Initiative by onboarding Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Natasha decides to create an Application Object with a field "Status" and also an Interview Object to store interview details. In Application object there is a Status field which has these values ["Not Scheduled", "Round 1", "Round 2", "Round 3", "Hired", "On Hold", "Rejected"].

Now Natasha is planning to add some automation here. She wants to create an interview record whenever ("Round 1", "Round 2", "Round 3") is selected. But if already in past any of the value is selected and Natasha changes the picklist value then the record should not be created, i.e. if Natasha selects "Round 2" and after that selects "Hired", but due to some reason needs to change the value back to "Round 2". Then the new record should not be created.

Help Natasha in Assembling the Avengers!


Do you want to help Avengers and practice these scenarios? Then, quickly try these in your developer org / Trailhead Playgrounds. And if you need any assistance, put a message to chat below!

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