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Appexchange Unboxing - Mass Delete by Salesforce Labs

So today, we are going to unbox one of the most useful free apps on Appexchange - Mass Delete from Salesforce Labs! This app has an amazing rating of 4.18 with 55+ reviews (That's amazing)😎

Let's see what comes with the unmanaged package. There are visulaforce pages, an apex class with a test class, and custom buttons. The best thing is that this package is unmanaged which means we can see the code and can alter accordingly.

So these buttons you can add on the list views of the standard objects like - Account, Contact, Lead, Case, Campaign, Product2, Opportunity, Solution, Contract, and Asset. If you want to add the button to list view, then go to

Object Manager > Account > Search Layout in Classic > Add the button to layout.

That's it! You have a mass delete button on the list view of Accounts. Without writing a single line of code. But in case you want to make this button available for Custom Objects, then there is a trick😋

As this package is unmanaged, so we can look inside the code and can edit it accordingly. So we are going to clone a visualforce page available in package and will make it available for our custom object Project__c. Go to Setup > Visualforce Pages > Select Mass_Delete_Account > Click on clone. In the code, alter the very first line like this -

//Replace Account with Project__c
<apex:page extensions="MassDeleteExtension" standardController="Project__c" recordSetVar="sobjects"  standardStylesheets="false" sidebar="false" applyBodyTag="false" docType="html-5.0">

That's it, save your new visualforce page by the name Mass_Delete_Project. And create a new button on Project Object and add it to List view.😎

Well, I think this app makes the life of admins so easy! Using this makes them free from creating flows or adding some apex logic to perform the Mass delete. No wonder why this has such awesome ratings with good reviews.


Well, thanks for your time! Let me know in comments have you ever installed this app in your org and how was your experience. If you have any doubts please put a message in the live chat, I would be happy to connect and help.

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