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Practice Lightning Flows - Part 1

Thanks for coming here! I am sure you are looking forward to some amazing lightning flow scenarios. Here I am listing 5 Lightning Flow use cases which cover the following concepts -

  1. Scheduled Flows

  2. After Trigger Flows

  3. CRUD Actions in Flows

  4. Subflows

  5. Loops, Assignment, and Decision Logics

  6. Screen Flows

  7. Validation Rules in Screen Flows

Scenario 1

Send Birthday Emails to all contacts, run flow each day at 10 AM to check birthdate and send email from the flow with this template -

Subject - Happy Birthday (Contact Name)

Body -

Hello (First Name),

Wishing you a great birthday and a memorable year. From all of us.

Team (Organisation Name)

Note: Considering contacts will be less than 50k. Use Only Lightning Flow for this.

Scenario 2

Delete duplicate Contacts under the account. Check by Phone field on the contact object. This should run as soon as Contact is created under an account without using any process builder. Delete the old contact record and move all related cases to the new contact.

Scenario 3

If Account's name changes send email to all the contacts related to Account with status active.

Note: Create an active checkbox on contact.

Scenario 4

Create a ScreenFlow to take the following field

Screen 1(Contact Screen)

First Name

Last Name


Phone (This should have a validation rule to check length)

Screen 2(Account Screen)

Account Name(Required)

Account Mobile (This should have a validation rule to check length)

Industry (Should have values from account industry field)

Has Opportunity? [checkbox]

This should create an account record and a related contact record.

[Note: Create Has Opportunity Field on Account Object]

Scenario 5

Call the Flow which we created in Scenario #4 inside this flow. Take account Id and Contact Id from Scenario #4 flow.

After this create a related opportunity to account if the Has Opportunity field on Account is true. Opportunity records should have newly created contact as primary contact to the opportunity.

Here are the details for opportnity record-

Name - (Account Name + ' - ' + FirstName + ' - ' + (Today Date))

Close date - Today Date + 30

Stage - Qualification

Owner - [Create a second user and assign this]

After Opportunity created then add the product to opportunity with name - GenWatt Diesel 10kW and unit should be 10 and price it should come from list price.


Well, that's it for this time. You can drop a message here in chat or on Twitter/ Linkedin if you face any issue while building these amazing scenarios. Do add comments with your feedback and what type of scenarios in flows you want to practice next.

Thanks for your time!

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